Friday, May 4, 2012


Being home has never felt so good, everything is easier with out the major stressor of school.I am back from school and already it has never been easier to eat healthly. Last night was one of the worst nights in about a year regarding eating bad day I have struggled with bulimia and binge eating ever since I have left for school and a little before, I have tried many methods in trying to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. I am ready for this to change I am ready to be happy with my body and healthy again. I am ready to win this battle. For the last week I have been eating the worst I have been in 1 year from fast food to pizza to ice cream my excuse was because of finals, eating that bad food I not only felt bad about myself but I felt bad physically. I also didn't work out during finals because I was studying my life again literally didnt get any sleep I was studying every waking hour. Looking back not working out just added to the stress. I hate to admit it but I have gained about 30 pounds I need to look reality in the eye and make it stop! from my thinnest even though I wasn't healthy nor happy at my thinest.  Now I am ready to find my feel good weight, numbers don't really matter to me I just want to feel good again and have my clothes fit and also be fit ( be able to run and workout hard ect.)

I woke up around 11 today after a night of staying out and bingeing. NEVER AGIAN. I mean it I am truly sick of hearing myself say that over and over.

For brunch I had
1/3 of a banana 
3oz of strawberries
1/3 of Kashi
1/2 cup of almond milk
5oz Plain Greek Yogurt

I am a protein fanatic, If a meal/snack does not consist of 10 grams of protein or more its does not keep me full.. or so I tell myself.This is a protein power breakfast packing in 21 grams of protein and only 30 carbs and about 200 calories. This breakfast is the perfect balance with carbs and protein and keeps me full forever!

I ran errands all day, Im trying to get myself organized after seeing how un organized I was at school. But organization comes with a far I have spent over 200 on buying things to get organized.. most of what I dont need but I am a pack rat so It is time to part with some of my belongings. I also made a trader joes run which they do not have where I go to school so I spent a little more than I should have. I bought some of my favorites including Kashi,Puffins,Raisins (they have the best), Almonds, Bananas, Romaine (Love theirs), Pink Ladys! I haven't had a good apple in so long!

After errands Ive been trying to unpack and clean up a little bit but I have alot of time do that!

around 3:30 I wasn't exactly hungry but I know I needed to eat but more importantly take a break from running around all day I had a light dinner that really filled me up!

3oz shrimp
Salad including
Trader joes Pram and asiago mix (best cheese out there)
tjs fat free feta
Bolthouse Cesar dressing 

on the side

1/2 Pink Lady
1tsp Justin's Almond butter
It feels so good to eat fresh whole foods again after filling myself with poison for the last week!

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