Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3:00 after class I was craving a snack so I put together some....
1/2 C. Greek Yogurt
sprinkle of Kashi
Dab of apple butter
4 slices of frozen banana 
and some raisons
dab of almond butter too!

It was so good Im getting hungry talking about it!

at 530 I had dinner in the cafeteria so I didnt get a picture but I had
  • A little taste of a cob salad with poppy seed dressing   20
  • 3oz of talapia                                                               100
  • tbs hummus on 1/4 of slice of peta bread                       40
  • 1/2 grapes                                                                      20
  • cup of chicken noodle soup                                          80

And For Desert

  • skim milk in a cup with a touch of                               
  • soft serve yogurt (1 Tbs)            
    • total 30
 Dinner Total- 330
and a small bite of banana bread. I love the soft serve machines because I can take a tablespoon to satisfy me!

I went to the gym at 7:30 I worked on back and biceps I think its time to up the weights I don't feel like im doing anything I went up 10 lbs on the machines and 5 in free weights. I was am still very sore from yesterdays 3 mile run + legs so my cardio was a brisk 10 min elliptical 10 min bike then at the end I sprinted 1/2 mile. burned about 300 cals

I came back and wasn't hungry but I know I needed some protein so I had some more greek at about 9!

It was the same of my afternoon snack minus the banana and added some cinnamon!

no more food before bed! instead im debating what i should have for breakfast tomorrow!

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