Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day One

I made it no food after 8pm!
Ive never really been a fan of overnight oats until I was laying in bed last night and thought to make some for the morning. because I wasn't feeling a big bowl of cereal nor a steaming hot bowl of oatmeal so at 1 am i got up and concocted my overnight oats. I didn't really follow any sort of recipe but it turned out amazing. I only ate half of it because there was so much! Heres whats in the mix
                                    Calorie Break Down
2 tbs of vanilla Keirf                14
1/2 almond milk                       17
1/4 soy milk                             17
1/2 tsp Chia seeds                    12
1/2 banana                               50
1/2 plain yogurt                       60
1/2 oats                                    150
1/4 Jamie easons                       10
pumpkin protein bar
pinch of crumbled banana        10
bread bar
Total                                       340
My portion                             170

                                             The pictures will get better I promise!

I think I liked this one alot better because i normally use greek yogurt so its very stiff in the morning but plain yogurt was great it was not to stiff but not to runny, It was great!
I am a taster as you can see with all of the ingredients and add in in my overnight oats this is something im going to try and workout through out my blog! I also had 1/4 c. Kashi with a splash of almond milk again going back to me being a taster I just cant try one thing! 

Kashi         40
SoyMilk    10

So my breakfast came in at a whopping 220 which is very surprising considering how full I am when i normally make hot oatmeal it comes out to 350 or more half those calories are from add ins...oo coconut looks good what about some pecans ohh the raisins look good too and I cant forget the almond butter and cookie butter!

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