Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend away

I flew home the weekend and I did some reaserch of places to eat by the air port, I came across this European bakery called NADOZ. I had a buckwheat crepe called Chicken fit for you. It had grilled chicken, spinach, Artichokes, mushrooms and an herb cream cheese! It was amazing! It had 356 calories 15g protein and 9 g Fat

I did not bring much to snack on for the plane, because this crepe was so filling

For dinner I had Jambalya made in the crock pot it had chicken shrimp celery peppers onions tomatoes and brown rice

The next morning I slept in when I woke up I had Crockpot pumpkin oats. They were good just a little watery. I love steal cut oats they just take so long to cook.

For dinner we went to a small italian restaurant because I was craving pasta! This restaurant was called Maranellias. We started off with an appetizer, a stuffed artichoke it was delicious. Then french onion soup ( instead of salad) speaking of I didn't have salad all weekend....DREAM BIG! then for the main course I got mastocholi and my mom got chicken parm and we spilt the 2 with each other. Then for desert we shared a canoli. the dinner was fantastic!

for breakfast the next morning i had kashi and milk with 2 tbs of greek yogurt to get that yummy consistency

we had a late lunch that turned into diner at suzettes which was amazing.
it started off with an appetizer of french onion soup no exaggeration the best ive had in my life it wasn't all broth they had to have added some cream or milk but it was wonderful. For the main coarse I got a poached chicken crepe with sautéed mushrooms and a sherry sauce it also came with a salad and homemade balsamic dressing. For desert we spilt one banana fosters crepe and one warm apple with salted Carmel crepe!

This was my last day to sleep in, I woke up and made myself a big bowl of oats (my favorite)
Then my grandma came over to teach me how to make lasagna oh how I love being italian. I ate 3/4 of a piece and was absolutely stuffed! Well the 3 pieces of bread didn't help when I was patiently awaying the lasagna to cook for an hour and 30 mins.

I went to trader joes and loaded up on food because they don't have one where I go to school, the TSA at the airport questioned me why I had so much food in my purse... especially the loaf of ezekial bread witch I do really like!
When i got the the gate I snacked on some whole grain pretzels and dried fruit (the best dried raisins from tjs)

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