Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My breakfast held me all the way over till lunch! no morning snack needed! For lunch I ate in the cafeteria because they had chicken that I could salvage and put over salad because my Monster meat loaf cost $30.00 to make Im going to eat it sparingly! For lunch I had

meek 3oz. of Montrey chicken?( I scraped the cheese and bacon off) 100
lettuce and balasmic                                                                               50
2 roasted potato wedges                                                                         30
slice of bread with brushetta                                                                   30
2 small slicess of pineapple                                                                     20
taste of tomato fluorine soup

Total 250

these pictures are not pretty. All of this was good but it didn't really fill me up. Its been 30 mins and Im hungry!
AT about 1230 I found myself hungry again so I had a little bit of greek yogurt left and added a splash of milk to make it thinner.
Calories about 70
 Pre workout snack (not pictured) I had a rice cake with almond butter and apple butter and then 1/4 piece of bread with almond and apple butter 
70 calories

My workout was fantastic I ran one mile then ran/walked the legs are still sore from monday then I did the elliptical for 10 mins then worked triceps and shoulders

I got home around 6 pm and was starving for dinner! First 
Spinach salad with
1/4 sweet potato        40
croutons                       10
rice cake with humus  40
dressing                       10

For my main corse I had
4egg whites  75
1/2 laughing cow 10
2  1 monster meat loaf 90
ketchup  20
 Total dinner 285
This all left me so full!

after playing volleyball with my sorority I was hungry, it was time for a snack I had a splash of 
Keirf          10
1/2 almond milk15
1/2 Greek Yogurt 60
handfull of kashi 30
 and Cinnamon
Total 115

milx it all together it was fantastic now Im done for the night!
today my day totaled out to.... 
1325 lets round up too
1400 since I wasn't precise!
I burned 400 calories working out though so thats a plus! Now again debating what I should eat for breakfast I love the cold breakfast this morning but I do love my hot oatmeal!

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