Monday, February 27, 2012


I stayed up till 1:30 last night doing homework so when my alarm went off at 7 I decided to go back to bed and sleep till 7:45 then eat breakfast after my 8 am so around 8:45 I had a nice bowl of oats with 1/2 a banana

oats                150
1/2 soymilk      35
1/2 banna         50   
rasons               10
coconut            30

total 275

lunch came around 1230 I had a hand full of spinach and greek yogurt chicken salad on flat out and for desert I had the rest of the banana from breakfast and almond butter!

flat out   90
chicken  100
yogurt      60
almonds  30

banana roll up 60

total 340

I had a snack of pretzels and mixed fruit at about 330
total 150

for dinner I had paneras Thai Chicken Salad and french onion soup
I only used some of the dressing which I later found out I should have used all of it because it was only 30 calories then I picked out the wonton strips. I did not eat the cheese or croutons out of my soup
 the meal totaled out to be 170!

i came home and worked out I ran for 20 elliptical-ed for 20 and did legs
I came home starving at about 830 and had pumpkin yogurt and a rice cake with almond butter
Pumpkin 10
yogurt 80
kashi 10
fruit 10
rice cake 35
almond butter 10
total 155

todays total-

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