Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I started taking vitamins today for the first time!
Green tea,Cinnamon,Womens Vitamins, Fish oil,Biotin and Caltraite!
I went to ride and had terrible back pain all morning I think i need to slowly start the vitimins instead of taking 8 to begin with.

At around 10:30 I had 2 of Jamie Eason protein bars Pumpkin one Ciniomin Swirl there so good and full of protein 

Calorie Break Down
Pumpkin 47 (but I used real brown sugar) so... 55
Cinnamon Swirl (I used splenda)  55

Total morning snack-110

I had lunch at about 12:00 

I started out with spinach minus the stems I HATE those things, I had some 4 almonds and a handfull of crutons in my salad along with 1/2 sweet potato and 1 Tbs of light italian dressing& a rice cake with 1/2 wedge of cow cheese and hummus!

On my plate I had 2 small squares of Jamie Easons Monster Meat Loaf some cut up red peppers+hummus I dipped my meat loaf in ketchup and a little but of tomato soup!

Calorie Break Down!

2 Small squares of meat loaf                150
3/4 Sweet potato                                     70
Humus                                                        15
Ketchup                                                     10
Rice Cake                                                   35
1/2 Laughing cow cheese                        10
croutons                                                      1o
4 almonds                                                  30
1 tbs dressing                                             17
TOTAL-  347
I need to work on my empty calories... ketchup croutons laighing cow cheese with out all the add in this meal would have totaled to 270 thats 77 empty calories I always knew that it was a lot but not that much! thats 1/2 a yummy strawberry skinny cow! which I shamefully had in my oatmeal last night :)

Daily Break down
Veg- 2

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