Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last night I baked Katies Chocolate chip Cookies and sugar cookies they were amazing I ate to many I had a massive stomach ache! I also baked Allies Granola which is amazing! The last thing I made  well tried to make was Baked apple crisps but I ended up slicing the apples too large and cooking them for 3 hours! Lesson learned! To top my night off I had a Skinny Cow these things are wayyy too good with only 150 calories! Long story short I ate way too much last night and accidentally weighed myself this morning... its time to go back on a diet! 
My breakfast this morning didn't quite resemble my diet but were getting there
Kashi  140
2tbs greek 10
3/4 c soy milk 60
1 WHOLE banana 100
Total 310

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